Pio Manzù Research Centre

The Pio Manzù Centre is an international centre for research on geopolitical and environmental structures and as such enjoys United Nations consultative status. The Centre has been operating since the late ’60 as a network for the coordination and promotion of study and training activities regarding the various synergies emerging between decisions in the sphere of macroeconomics and social and political on compatibility trends on and international levels.

The Executive Board, the Scientific Committee

The public events of the Pio Manzù Centre represent the opportunity for informing the public opinion, and are characterised by the high level of participation. In addition they have aroused considerable interest in the media.

The research work of the Centre covers a variety of sectors in the environmental sciences with particular reference to the problems of the environment, technology and development. Alongside its activity aimed at bringing certain problems to the attention of the public, the Pio Manzù Centre carries out research work on behalf of various Ministries, Institutes and industries.

The Pio Manzù Centre also carries out a substantial editorial activity as it publishes its research findings and the proceedings of the annual International Conference in the journal “Environmental Structures”. This is a quarterly periodical which is noted for its adaptability, and assists in creating public awareness of the Centre’s work.

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